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Thoughts of RE-LAB

We propose a new lifestyle.
We offer a new lifestyle that allows you to visit various countries and cities more easily, with a variety of choices according to the purpose of your trip and the number of people in your party, and with safe and secure accommodations. and safe and secure accommodations.

We propose a new lifestyle.

Osaka, Japan, and East Asia... We are proposing a flat and peaceful world where people can visit various countries and cities more easily, where people can enjoy themselves, cities can be enriched, and local communities can be revitalized. 
We will introduce a new system that allows you to stay for free for a certain number of days at a fixed rate for your many trips during the year. By introducing the Club membership system, we are able to create a facility that can be used with peace of mind for many years to come. We will continue to offer new facilities to members who have purchased memberships in the initial stages of the project, and will continue to offer more user-friendly accommodations to members. We hope to please them by providing them with new facilities one after another and increasing the value of their use in the future. For members who purchased memberships in the initial stage, we wanted to provide more user-friendly accommodations and new facilities one after another, so that the value of their use will increase in the future. We also want all members who purchase memberships to be able to use the facility as a foundation for creating fun memories. We will continue to manage our club with the intention of providing a club membership that will never make you regret your purchase.

RE Lab Co., Ltd. Representative Director Kiyoshi Onda




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