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@RLiS_owners club

Special ticket for journey that will make you happy



@RLiS_owners club’s website has been launched!


@RLiS_house Namba owners club:96 membership units are now available!!


@RLiS_owner club

Private clubs where accommodation is owned by everyone and shared only by the owners.

About contract costs, annual costs, accommodation costs, etc

The @RLiS_owners club is a jointly owned accommodation membership, which allows only its members to use the accommodation. This membership club allows members to use accommodation facilities that meet their needs at the time.

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Our Facilities

Osaka: @RLiS_house Namba


The building is conveniently located within easy walking distance of the ”Namba&Dotonbori Area", the largest terminal city in Osaka City. The building is based on the concept of the four seasons in Japan, with autumn as its theme. In autumn, you can see the autumn leaves fall and enjoy the Japanese atmosphere.

The rooms are covered in a modern Japanese style interior and gorgeous colours based on ukiyo-e designs (such as Katsushika Hokusai's Red Fuji). These suite-like rooms are available in a variety of styles, including a family type with Sealy beds.

The building is surrounded by a big park, a large laundromat, 7-Eleven and other good facilities.

The attractions of @RLiS_owners club

Free Accommodation

No additional fee is required for the annual usage entitlement nights if an annual operation and maintenance fee is paid.

Permanent right to Use Facilities

There is a burden of costs related to operation and building management, but the right to use the facility is perpetual unless the contract is cancelled or otherwise terminated. It can also be inherited.

Less Hassle in Securing 

Priority accommodation is always possible wherever accommodation exists.

No Need to Manage the building

If you pay the annual operation management fee, the actual building management will be performed by the consignment company, and legally required inspections will be carried out, so there is no need for any hassle.

Expansion of Accommodation 

In the future, the accommodation area will be expanded and new facilities will be built to meet the needs of different areas. It will enable people to stay in the most suitable accommodation at any given time. The costs will remain the same and the value of use will increase.

Safe and Secure Membership

The members fund and share the building, furniture, etc., so they can use the facility with care and keep it clean. Also, as the facilities are used by carefully selected members, you can rest assured that you are in safe and secure facilities.


Usage style

Company Profile

Company name: R.E. Labs, Inc.
Representative: Kiyoshi Onda, Representative Director
Date of establishment: November 16, 2004
Location: 7F, 2-2-9, Yariyamachi, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka
TEL: 06-6585-0388
FAX: 06-6585-0324

Real estate transaction license: Governor of Osaka Prefecture (4)51277
Affiliated Organization: Osaka Real Estate Agents Associatio
National Association of Real Estate Agents of Japan


RE-LAB inc. was established in 2004 and is licensed as a building lot and building transaction business operator, and handles the hard part of real estate (land and buildings) development and the soft part of lodging operations, such as hotels and private accommodations  (Currently, the lodging operation and management division has been incorporated separately and outsourced). We are making efforts to improve services for our guests by using IT-based lodging management systems and registering as a travel service arrangement business (land operator).

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