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The future of OSAKA

OSAKA is still new
From Osaka to Kansai, and from all over Japan to East Asia.

Further revitalization of the economy

Osaka IR concept

What is an Integrated Resort (IR)?

• An IR is a facility that integrates a casino facility with other facilities and is established and operated by a private business operator.

• IR operators ensure the profitability of facilities that involve large-scale investments through revenues from casino facilities

basic concept

The world's highest level growth type IR

■ Site area

■ Facility scale

・International conference hall: 12,000 people ・Exhibition hall: 100,000 m2

・Accommodation facilities: 3,000 rooms, etc.

about 60 ha

Total floor area 1 million m2

■ Annual number of visitors

■ Annual total number of users

■ Annual sales

15 million people

24.8 million people/year

¥480 billion/year

All-in-one MICE base with world-class competitiveness

By developing various facilities necessary for attracting MICE (high-quality accommodations, attractive entertainment, restaurants, commercial facilities, etc.) in an integrated manner,Develop an appealing all-in-one MICE base.

■ International conference hall

International conference hall equipped with functions for large-scale conferences

■ Accommodation facilities

Exhibition facilities that disseminate cutting-edge technologies that lead to innovation

What is MICE?

MICE is a general term for the following business events that are expected to attract a large number of visitors and exchanges. It not only promotes tourism, but also has the direct effect of attracting people, creates opportunities for business innovation, and contributes to the economy of the region. It is an engine that creates added value derived from the concentration and exchange of people, such as effects and improvement of the competitiveness of countries and cities.


Corporate meetings, etc.


■ International conference hall

Incentive Travel

Conducted by companies for the purpose of commending and training employees and their agents. Also known as corporate reward/study trip

An accommodation facility where you can experience a high-quality resort 


International organizations, academic societies, general meetings hosted by associations, academic conferences, etc.

■ Entertainment, restaurants, commercial facilities

Attractive after-convention facilities

Exhibition Event

Cultural and sporting events, exhibitions and trade fairs

Development of Japan's largest complex MICE facility

By developing Japan's largest international conference hall and exhibition facilities that combine world-class scale and quality, large-scale international conferences that have never been held in Japan, as well as industries and cutting-edge technologies in which Osaka and Kansai have strengths, will be developed. Inviting and holding MICE that drives the economic growth of Osaka and Kansai, such as exhibitions that disseminate

International conference hall

The maximum capacity of the conference room is 6,000 people or more.

Exhibition facilities

Exhibition area of 100,000 m2 or more

Enhancing MICE Promotion and Attraction System for All-Osaka

In the implementation of strategic MICE attraction support, marketing, city sales, etc. centered on the Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau, we will revitalize the economy of Osaka and the Kansai region and improve the attractiveness of the city by building a system for cooperation and attraction that includes IR MICE. Aiming to become a high value-added economy MICE strategic city.

Communicating the attractiveness of Osaka, Kansai, and Japan in an effective manner

The attractions of Osaka, Kansai, and Japan will be displayed through facilities where visitors can casually come into contact with content backed by a long history, such as the traditions, culture, and arts nurtured by Osaka, Kansai, and Japan, as well as contemporary content that originated in Japan. Communicate in an effective manner.

  • Various performances such as plays and entertainment are held from time to time

  • Providing opportunities to actually experience and experience traditional performing arts

  • Food that allows you to learn and taste various Japanese food culturesset zone

  • Real feel the excitement of Japanese festivals through IR

  • Exhibitions and sales of handicrafts are held, and traditional Japanese manufacturingproof of quality

  • Holding pop culture events, etc. to attract new fans overseascultivating the customer base

Development and creation of Osaka/Kansai/Japan contents from Osaka IR

By discovering content with excellent potential and producing it into high-quality content, we will create new content. further increase attractiveness.

Sending out tourists through cooperation with various parts of Japan, including Osaka, Kansai, and western Japan

Taking advantage of the location of Yumeshima, Osaka, as a hub connecting the world and various parts of Japan, we will build a function to provide various tourist information and arrange travel that meets the needs of visitors. , Sending tourists to various parts of Japan from IR.

Accommodation facilities with world-class scale and quality

The accommodation facilities themselves will attract visitors from all over the world and develop accommodation facilities with world-class number of guest rooms and guest room areas that will create demand for accommodation.

Creation of new tourism utilizing the strengths of Osaka and Kansai

In collaboration with surrounding areas, creating new tourism with high added value and full of originality from the Osaka IR that incorporates experience-based and interactive elements with themes that make use of the strengths of Osaka and Kansai, such as wellness, food, and sports. By doing so, we will promote wide-area tourism based in Osaka.

Providing facilities and services that meet diverse accommodation needs

We will provide facilities and services that meet the needs of a diverse range of customers, including business travelers, families, and the wealthy class, as well as individual visitors who come to the Osaka IR from all over the world.

Providing entertainment that can only be experienced at Yumeshima

Everyone from business travelers to families can enjoy Osaka

Attract many visitors from Japan and abroad by providing world-class entertainment that symbolizes the IR.


Providing urban resort spaces where guests can enjoy long stays and high-quality facilities and services

Utilizing the unique characteristics of Yumeshima, we will create an urban resort space where people from all over the world will want to visit and feel extraordinary, and provide high-quality facilities and services that everyone can enjoy comfortably for a long time.

Efforts to enhance the attractiveness of the Osaka IR

<Smart city development using cutting-edge technology>

We will provide comfortable and highly convenient spaces and high-quality services by putting into practice and demonstrating the research results of industries and research institutes in which Osaka and Kansai have strengths, and by utilizing cutting-edge ICT technologies such as IoT and AI. Realize smart city development.

Efforts to enhance the attractiveness of the Osaka IR

<Development of global human resources who will lead the next generation>

Mutual cooperation between business operators and educational institutions is expected to produce a synergistic effect of maintaining and improving attractive IR services and fostering and producing global, high-quality human resources for tourism from Osaka/Kansai.

Creation of impactful space that will become a new landmark of Osaka

The IR as a whole is an extraordinary space that people from all over the world want to visit, such as a building with a novel design that leaves a strong impression on visitors, and a spacious space that makes use of the vast land surrounded by the sea unique to Yumeshima. Develop spaces and facilities that can be felt.

Realization of a town where people can stay with peace of mind

In the coastal area, safety has already been ensured by working on physical countermeasures against disasters such as earthquakes and tsunamis, which are assumed in the "Osaka City Regional Disaster Prevention Plan". In addition, starting with the establishment of a fire station in Yumeshima, we will work on soft and hard measures in cooperation with IR operators and related organizations to realize a town where visitors can stay with peace of mind.


Economic ripple effect (during construction)

¥1,240 billion

Job creation effect (during construction)

75,000 people


Economic ripple effect (operation)

¥760 billion/year

Employment creation effect (operation)


Economic ripple effect of 2 trillion yen (construction + operation) by the first year of opening, and an economic ripple effect of 760 billion yen every year thereafter

Further revitalization of the economy

Osaka Kansai Expo


Designing Future Society for Our Lives

sub theme

Diverse and healthy lifestyles Sustainable social and economic systems

Participants will co-create a way of life that allows them to experience true affluence, and a future vision of the economy and society that will make this possible.


People's Living Lab, a testing ground for future society

■ Venue

Yumeshima [Osaka City Coastal Area]

■ Period

May 3rd to November 3rd (185 days)


■ Economic Ripple Effect (Estimated Value)

Construction cost: about 0.4 trillion yen Operating cost: about 0.5 trillion yen Consumption expenditure: about 1.1 trillion yen

■ Estimated number of visitors

about 28 million people


Holding decision

  • Discrete type with no center using Voronoi patternvenue design. Relations between individuals, born from diversityharmonyExpressing a future society formed by co-creation with

  • A main street connecting two entrances and five large squaresis installed, and a large roof is installed on top of it.

  • Large squares called "Kuu" were set up at five locations within the venue.  

  •  AR (augmented reality), MR (mixed reality) technology exhibition andstomachIt will be a place for visitors to interact with each other through events such as events.

  •  The streets that connect the main streets are equipped with waterways and green trees.

  •   Measures against heat are also provided to provide a comfortable space for visitors.

  •  A bird's-eye view of the venue at sunset looking southwest.

  •  Awaji Island, with the Akashi Kaikyo Bridge in the background, offers a beautiful view.

The popular bay area continues to grow

Osaka extension plan

Extension of JR Sakurajima Line

The JR Sakurajima Line is a 4.1km line connecting Nishikujo Station to Sakurajima Station. Known as the access line to Universal Studios Japan, it is also called the "JR Yumesaki Line."


The planned extension of the JR Sakurajima Line is about 6 km from Sakurajima Station to Maishima Station to Yumeshima Station. According to the 2014 report on the technical study of railroad access to Yumeshima, the area west of Universal City Station will be underground, and Sakurajima Station will be underground. It is a route that goes northwest to Maishima on an underground route and then turns southwest to reach Yumeshima.

Naniwasuji Line

The JR Naniwasuji Line is a new railway line that runs from Kita-Umeda Station in Osaka City to JR Namba Station and Nankai Shin-Imamiya Station. Jointly operated by JR and Nankai. Commercialization was decided in 2017, and it is scheduled to open in the spring of 2031.


The Naniwasuji Line is a railway line that is planned to be built under Naniwasuji in Osaka City. A subway line connecting Shin-Osaka Station with JR Namba Station and Nankai Shiomibashi Station has been under consideration, but on May 23, 2017, it will connect Kita-Umeda Station (tentative name) with JR Namba Station and Nankai Shin-Imamiya Station. As a plan, it was decided that JR and Nankai would be commercialized. The route starts from Kita-Umeda Station, which is under construction in the basement of Osaka Station North District (Umekita), and proceeds southwest toward Naniwa-suji with an underground structure, and enters the basement of Naniwa-suji near Fukushima Station on the JR Osaka Loop Line. After that, while maintaining the underground structure, go south on Naniwasuji, branch off at the south of Chuo Odori where Nishihonmachi Station is located, and divide into two directions, connecting to JR Namba Station and Nankai Shin-Imamiya Station.

Extension of the Osaka Metro Chuo Line

The Osaka Metro Chuo Line is a route that connects 17.9km from Cosmosquare Station to Nagata Station. Also known as Subway Line 4. Since the Osaka Port-Bentencho section opened in 1961, it has been extended repeatedly. In 2005, the OTS Technoport Line section between Osaka Port and Cosmo Square was incorporated to complete the current line. There are plans to extend this line further by about 3km to Yumeshima.


The distance between Cosmo Square and Yumeshima is 3km, and there is no station along the way as it passes through the undersea tunnel "Yumesaki Tunnel". Yumesaki Tunnel is completed. Yumeshima Station has a structure with a large atrium, and plans call for two-sided, two-track platforms. A tower building will be constructed as the station building. Scheduled to open in 2024.

Extension of the Keihan Nakanoshima Line

There are plans to extend further from Nakanoshima to Kujo, Nishikujo, and Shin-Sakurajima.


The Keihan Nakanoshima Line is a relatively new underground line that opened in October 2008. There was a plan to extend from Nakanoshima to the west before the opening, and in 2004, Kinki Local Transportation Council Report No. 8 called it "a new route that constitutes a railway network desired in the medium term" from Nakanoshima Station via Nishikujo Station. A plan to extend to Shin-Sakurajima and Yumeshima is shown.


If you transfer between the Naniwasuji Line and the Nakanoshima Line, which connects at Nakanoshima Station, you can go to sightseeing spots along the Keihan Line, such as Uji and Fushimi Inari, with a single transfer from Kansai Airport. In addition, it is expected to be used especially by foreign tourists, as access to Koyasan from the Kyoto area will be convenient.


Chuo Maglev Shinkansen

The Chuo Linear Shinkansen is a Shinkansen plan using a linear motor car that connects Shinagawa Station in Tokyo via Nagoya Station to Shin-Osaka Station.


The Chuo Linear Shinkansen between Shinagawa and Nagoya is scheduled to open in 2027. Between Nagoya and Shin-Osaka, there will be three stations along the way: Mie Prefecture Station (Kameyama City) and Nara Prefecture Station (Gakken City area). The detailed location of the station is undecided. After completion to Shin-Osaka, the Shinagawa-Shin-Osaka section will be connected in as little as 67 minutes.

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