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History of RE-LAB inc.

RE-LAB inc. History
Our history had begun from you 2004.


The company obtains a licence to trade in residential land and buildings, and builds the company's foundations by carrying out brokerage, purchase and resale, real estate consulting, etc., with a focus on property sales.


RE-LAB inc. founded.
The beginning of our new challenge.

Our first development property. 
The beginning of our new challenge.

The first in-house developed property is created.
Sold to investors who have dealt with us up to now, taking us to the next step.

08_1階 ピクチャー(夜景).jpg

Own developments were created one after another.
Real estate investment moves from 'rental demand' to 'overnight stay demand'.
The company begins consulting on property management by managing real estate buildings and selling them to investors.


Our development properties Vol. 2 and 3
The beginning of our new challenge

004、外観 北面 .jpg

In order to increase investment efficiency, 'condominiums for sale with special zone private accommodation management' are sold.
In line with this, we decide to develop our own series of condominiums.
To our new condominium brand '@RLiS_house'.


Creation of a series of our developed properties
The beginning of our new challenge

05_外観 南東面.jpg

The new condominium brand is " @RLiS_house" series has expanded to six properties.

Shin-Osaka North/Tsutenkaku/Osaka Dome City/Namba/
Namba/Sakuragawa/Osaka Bayside City

001、外観 南東面.jpg

Creation of a series of our developed properties
The beginning of our new challenge


The beginning of our new challenge
The accommodation facilities of the @RLiS_house series of our developed properties will be incorporated into the facilities of the Owner's Club and will begin to be sold as accommodation memberships.

It is also the start of one new challenges.


@RLiS_Owners_Club Established.

We propose a new form of travel.

When traveling, there are various requirements for accommodations depending on the purpose of the trip, the number of people accompanying you, the sightseeing spots, and the location.It will change. In order to meet such needs, we will expand the locations of our facilities in Osaka, Japan, and East Asia.We are planning to offer various types of accommodation that suit the location.

Since it is a base accommodation facility where you can create a lot of memories with various people,

Please enjoy it as an easy-to-use travel tool that can be used anytime to various places with an annual flat-rate system.

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