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How to enjoy your stay

Different members of the travelling party and family structures have different accommodation needs.
We offer a range of facilities that can be used according to the members of the group and the occasion, and provide a range of enjoyable ways to travel throughout the year. We offer a range of facilities that can be used according to the members of the group and the occasion of the journey.



Overseas resident

Enjoy overseas travel with ease. Possible to live in two locations and weekend migration. Secure accommodation for overseas business trips.

We would like to encourage expatriates to visit Japan, and Osaka, more often to see the best that it has to offer. We want them to be able to travel more easily. By utilizing our Owner's Club and spending your days off at the club facilities, your dream of a two-location lifestyle or weekend migration will become a reality. You can stay with different traveling members each week, so you can use the facilities according to the occasion.

In addition, people and companies that frequently travel overseas to Osaka will find it easier to secure accommodation for their business trips, allowing them to stay safely and securely without having to worry about all sorts of things.




Assistance with leisure time for employees and their families. Provide accommodation for employees on business trips.
Provide lodging for employees on business trips. Can be used for a wide range of entertainment purposes for business partners.


For corporate members, officers and employees may register as members. Employees and their families can enjoy the trip and use the accommodations. We hope you will make use of this service as a company welfare program. In addition, you can also use this service for travel with your business partners as entertainment.

Companies that make frequent business trips can also offer this service to their employees every time they travel. It is easy to secure accommodations for business trips, and you can stay there safely and securely without having to worry about various issues. We hope you will enjoy our Owner's Club system, which helps many people, including employees of corporate members, their families, and even business partners, enjoy their leisure time.


3rd generation

Delight your parents and family; create memories with three generations of family. Rooms available for large groups.

In Japan, daily life is becoming more and more like a nuclear family, but why not take a trip with three generations for a family holiday? A trip that will create memories for the whole family. We have rooms that can accommodate a large number of people, so you can take advantage of the Club's facilities and have fun.

As our facilities increase in the future, you will be able to enjoy more memorable places and scenes of your grandchildren's trips as they grow up. As they grow, the Club facilities will also grow and increase. In addition, since the Club facilities are for members only, you can spend your time in peace even if you are only with ladies or bring your children with you.




Spend time together as a married couple. Stimulate your children's education with travel. Enjoy leisure time with family.

Families who want to spend quality time together, who want to travel abroad to educate their children for a global society, who want their children to experience nature, etc., all have different goals and aspirations for the trip. Our Owners' Club aims to meet these various needs.
We have lovingly created each of our facilities, and we are planning to create new and diverse facilities one after another. We will continue to improve and enhance the facilities of the Owner's Club by listening to the feedback of our guests so that we can strengthen the bonds of family through travel.

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