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@RLiS_house Namba
Owners Club



Building design

 The @RLiS_house condominium series is based on the concept of "Japaneseness," with the entrance area designed to resemble a stately "warehouse" for a calm appearance. The overall design of the building is based on the "four seasons.

Among the "four seasons," @RLiS_house Namba was designed with the motif of "autumn" (falling leaves), and the entrance approach was designed with the colorful leaves of the main tree (maple) falling, and the materials and colors of the flooring were also considered so that the scenery with the falling leaves would also be emotional. The flooring materials and colors were also considered to create an emotional effect in the fallen scenery.


At @RLiS_house Namba, Japanese "Ukiyo-e" prints, which have influenced even the world-famous painters Monet and Van Gogh, were printed all over the walls like a mural to accent the room. In particular, two representative works of "Katsushika Hokusai" that everyone has seen, which have influenced world-class painters, and Ushiwakamaru (Minamoto no Yoshitsune) defeating Musashibo Benkei on the Gojo Bridge in Kyoto (Minamoto no Yoshitsune and Musashibo Benkei were originally enemies, but Musashibo Benkei was defeated when he was a young man called Ushiwakamaru) ), we have a room with ukiyoe works of the real story of how he became Minamoto no Yoshitsune's retainer in order to transmit the essence of martial arts that Japanese people love more, "small well done conquers big" (ukiyoe). It is really rare to have a chance to see them in a large scene, so why don't you take a look at "Ukiyo-e" with your eyes once?


Room information


Room 801


Room 802

Room 803



Surrounding area

 Namba" is one of the largest central terminal stations in Osaka.
With many train lines (JR, Nankai, Osaka Metro, Kintetsu, Hanshin), you can go to Wakayama, Nara, Kobe, Ise, and Nagoya without changing trains, and Universal Studios Japan, Kaiyukan, and the center of Kyoto City are easily accessible with a single change of trains. Universal Studios Japan, Kaiyukan, and central Kyoto are also easily accessible with a single transfer.


Of course, access from Kansai Airport, Osaka Airport, and Shin-Osaka Station on the Tokaido Shinkansen Line is also excellent.

Furthermore, Dotonbori and Sennichimae, which are popular with tourists, and Minamihorie and Amerika-mura, which are popular with the younger generation, are within walking distance. Convenience stores and coin-operated laundromats are also available in the neighborhood, making this an excellent location for an urban, convenience-oriented lifestyle.



Traffic access

 Namba is one of the largest central terminal stations in Osaka.
When the new railway line opens, not only will it be possible to go from Kansai Airport Station to JR Namba, Nankai Namba Station and Nankai Shin Namba Station (tentative name) without changing trains, but also to Kita-Umeda Station (tentative name) and JR Shin-Osaka Station with ease, which will further increase the value of the Namba location. The "Namba" location will further increase its usability value.

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