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Charm of the Club

Accommodations at @RLiS_Owners Club are original designs for high-quality private time, totally produced by RE-LAB inc.


Building design

For the building design, an architectural designer is employed for each property. For the latest properties, the exterior design theme is "Four Seasons" and each property is divided into spring (fresh greenery), summer (fireworks), autumn (falling leaves), and winter (first snowfall) to create a Japanese feel.

RE-LAB inc. is committed to designing buildings that will delight our members with the status of owning a club membership and the thrill of enjoying the excitement of staying at the club.

RE-LAB inc. will continue to hire architectural designers who specialize in each location and create new properties produced by RE-LAB inc.

01_外観 東面.jpg


Interior design

Interior designs are designed with a distinctive theme for each property and each room. In the latest property, the wallpaper design is based on the theme of "Ukiyoe", a Japanese style of wallpaper.


In addition, we have collaborated with the fashion brand "niko and..." to create rooms and luxury hotel rooms. a fashion brand, and rooms created by interior coordinators based on the image of luxury hotel suites.

We will continue to create various themes and create exciting and thrilling spaces that are both relaxing and fun, produced by RE-LAB inc.



Furniture/Home appliances


For home appliances, we are particular about Japanese products and use products made in Japan.

For furniture, we are particular about the beds, which are the main furniture. We use hotel beds made by France Bed, a Japanese manufacturer that is often used in hotels, and queen beds made by Sealy, a world-class brand, in rooms designed to look like luxury hotel suites.

We also have rooms collaborated with furniture makers, and will continue to improve the quality of our rooms to ensure guests have a comfortable stay in their rooms.

029、601号室 洗濯コーナー.JPG




Initially, the facilities will be concentrated in Osaka, RE-LAB inc.'s hometown, but we are planning for the future of the Owner's Club facilities throughout Japan and East Asia.

We are also considering resort-type locations as well as urban locations, and hope to be able to create travel routes based solely on Owner's Club facilities.

As new facilities are added, the value of facility memberships will also increase, and we will continue to add new facilities in the future.




In addition to urban condominium buildings, we will also incorporate urban detached houses and resort-style villa buildings as facilities of the Owners Club.


We are also currently considering the possibility of fully renovating old private homes and guest houses with a sense of Japanese architectural history and including them in the facilities of the Owner's Club. There are still many good things about Japan that can be experienced only in a particular place and building.


Therefore, we would like to create facilities where people can stay in order to have new experiences.



Smart specification

As people's lives are becoming smarter and smarter today, the facilities at the Owner's Club are also being designed to be smart. Basically, you can check in without meeting anyone, and you will be given a key code that can only be used for the duration of your stay.


Naturally, even if you are a member, you will be legally required to make a guest list, so you will be asked to show your ID card and do other necessary things on a tablet installed at the entrance. Considering the coronas that have affected the world, it is necessary to take measures against infectious diseases, and the latest smart technology and the cooperation of our members will help us to do so.


Naturally, anti-infection measures include the spraying of antiviral agents and plasma cluster appliances.

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