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The @RLiS_Owners Club is an owners' club for safe and secure travel to own and share accommodations.

What is @RLiS_ Owners Club?

The style of @RLiS_Owners' Club is that members do not own the accommodation facilities individually, but all together as Club members, and the operation and management is outsourced to RLiS_Labo, Inc. RLiS_Owner's Club is a style of mutual use in which members share the space with each other. RLiS_Owner's Club covers various risks that may arise, so members can choose their favorite place to use according to their needs at the time, without worrying about the mind and hands of others. This is a new style that meets the needs of recent society, where members share the accommodation facilities of @RLiS_Owners Club.

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― Attraction of @RLiS_ Owners Club ―


No room charge

Once you have paid the annual operating and administrative fee, you can stay at the hotel free of charge until you reach the number of nights you are entitled to stay in the hotel per year.


No need for any building management

Building maintenance and legal inspections are performed by the management company, so there is no need for any of this. You can use the facility without any hassle.


Safe and secure membership system

Only carefully selected members are allowed to use the facility, so women alone or with children can use the facility with peace of mind.


Easy to own at a reasonable cost

Members share accommodation facilities with other members and own them together, making it possible to own and use the facilities at an affordable price.


Membership is permanent

Once the membership acquisition fee is paid, you can use the facility at any time for only the operation and management fee. After 2 years of purchase, it is possible to transfer the membership.


A wide variety of accommodations

You can stay at any of the @RLiS_Owners Club membership lodging facilities. New facilities that will be added in the future are also available.

What is @RLiS_ Owners Club Membership?

@RLiS_Owners Club Lodging Facility Membership

real estate ownership

Right to use facilities


■ An accommodation membership is an inseparable part of two rights: the right to own the real estate and the right to use the facilities. Therefore, only one of these two rights may not be transferred to any third party, and in the unlikely event of such a transfer, the accommodation membership will be terminated as a breach of contract.

■ The number of members who can be registered as members is limited to 6. In the case of an individual, in addition to the membership holder, the membership holder's spouse and up to one relative (parents or children) may be registered. In the case of a corporation, in addition to the representative director, an officer, an employee, the spouse of the representative director, and up to one relative (parent or child) may be registered.

■ When registering as a member member, you will be required to submit a screening request form, photo data of all members, and photo identification. If a member is not qualified as a member, we may reject the registration. Please understand this beforehand.

■ All registered members will receive a @RLiS_Owners Club membership card. Please remember to bring it with you when you stay at the hotel. If you do not have your membership card, you may not be able to enter the accommodation facilities and stay overnight. Please understand this in advance.

@RLiS_ What is the Owners Club membership system?

For @RLiS_house Namba owners club accommodation membership

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■ As a rule, you must be accompanied by a  member to stay at the hotel. Please remember to bring your membership card with you. When checking in, non-member guests will also be asked to present a photo ID. Please understand this.

■ There is a difference in the contents of the business license as an accommodation. As stated above, a minimum stay of 2 nights and 3 days is required for the special zone private accommodations.

■ If you pay the operation and management fee as an annual membership fee, there is no charge for your stay.

■ As an exception, it is possible to stay only with guests authorized by member members for up to 50% of the number of nights entitled to stay per year, but a fee is required in advance as a screening fee. Please understand this in advance. However, there is no accommodation fee.

■ All fees include tax. (Consumption tax 10%)

After your participation, you may stay at the hotel for an operation and management fee (annual membership fee) only.
Newly developed facilities are also available for your use.

We propose a new form of travel.

When traveling, the requirements for accommodations vary depending on the purpose of the trip, the number of people traveling with you, the sightseeing spot, and the location. In order to meet such needs, we are planning to expand our facilities to Osaka, Japan, and East Asia, and provide various types of accommodations suited to each location.
We hope that you will enjoy these accommodations as an easy-to-use travel tool that can be used at any time in various locations for a fixed annual fee.

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