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Flow of participation

The following is the flow of procedures from inquiry to participation.

Step 1
Inquiry and request for brochure

Please contact us by e-mail via the Internet and we will send you detailed materials and catalogs, or if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. If you prefer, we will contact you by phone.
Please consider whether this is a good fit for your lifestyle and preferences.

Step 2
We will guide you through the system and contract details prior to your enrollment process.

Our staff will explain to you about the system and how to use it. Since it is possible to transfer your rights to your family in the future, we recommend that you participate in the program only after you have a thorough understanding of its contents.
Please take your time to discuss the details with us until you are fully satisfied.

Step 3
Participation in the @RLiS_Owners Club

In order to join, you will be required to sign a membership application contract in accordance with our regulations and enter into an enrollment contract with RLiS Labs, Inc.
Cooling-off・・・・You may cancel the contract in writing within 8 days including the date of contract.
Please note that we may decline your application based on our screening criteria.

Step 4
Contract signing is completed. After payment is made, a membership card will be sent to you by mail.

We will send the contract documents, etc. to the e-mail address of the participating member to complete the contracting procedures. After the contract is signed and payment is confirmed, a membership card will be sent to you.

What is required to participate in the program

After filling out our exclusive registration screening documents, you will be required to submit photo data for the membership card and a copy of your ID card with photo.

Photo data, registration documents and a copy of photo ID

Payment can be made by cash transfer or credit card; registration fees and other expenses will be required due to the transfer of ownership as a result of the real estate transaction.

Facility membership acquisition costs (real estate purchase price, registration fee for facility usage rights acquisition, amortization

Step 5
Start of use

You can start using the service as soon as you make a reservation. Our reservation center operator will act as your concierge, offering advice and assistance.

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