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Value of @RLiS_Owners Club

Our club is an owner's club for safe and secure travel to own and share accommodations.

@RLiS_Owners_Club Membership

Ownership of Club facilities

Provide operating reserves for facilities

Building asset management: Outsourced to RE-LAB, Inc.

Provide the Club with facilities owned by each member

All members share the use of the Club's facilities provided

All members retain the right to use the Club facilities.

By outsourcing the entire operation and management of club facilities to us, we can provide everything from management of buildings, etc. to operation of lodging facilities at low rates, realizing an ideal travel tool.

Fixed annual operating and administrative costs

No accommodation fees

Realize the ideal travel tool that can be provided at the lowest price of

Future value of @RLiS_Owners Club

No additional cost for additional Club facilities after the purchase of membership

Even if the value of the use of the Club's facilities increases in the future due to an increase in the number of Club facilities, the Member can stay at the Club free of charge as long as they pay the operation and maintenance fee (until they reach the number of nights they are entitled to stay per year).
No additional costs will be charged to members even if the number of facilities increases in the future.


Club facilities will only increase. Accommodations will become more diverse.

Initially, the main focus was on apartment complex-type condominiums in Osaka City, but in the future we will create highly original and diversified lodging facilities, such as villa-type single buildings for outdoor enthusiasts and high-class villas in collaboration with luxury brands, with different travel experiences depending on the urban or suburban location.


We will provide a wide variety of services exclusively for Club members.

In the future, if the number of members increases beyond a certain number, we will consider offering services exclusively for members. These services include arrangement services when traveling, as well as arrangements for the purchase of souvenirs. We are also in the process of preparing various services such as discount coupons and preferential coupons for restaurants in the vicinity of our lodging facilities and tie-ups with delivery companies.


We propose a new form of travel.

When traveling, the conditions required for accommodations vary depending on the purpose of the trip, the number of people accompanying you, the sightseeing spots, and the location. In order to respond to such needs, we are planning to expand the locations of our facilities in Osaka, Japan, and East Asia, and provide various types of accommodation facilities that suit each location.
It is a base accommodation facility where you can create many memories with various people, so please enjoy it as an easy-to-use travel tool that you can use anytime to various places with a fixed annual fee.

We would like to provide more comfortable accommodations for our members in the future. We will continue to manage our club membership with the hope that the value of the club membership will increase in the future and that our members will be happy to use the membership, and that they will be able to create enjoyable memories.

Kiyoshi Onda,
Representative Director, RE- LAB, Inc.

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